It is decided.  I need remedial Gimp.  Heck, even remedial Paint.  Here I am clueless yet fashion forward in my Avatar UV texture, ready to learn to create Alpha layers to use for older prim clothes in Second Life.  I love taking classes, love to learn, but accepting (invisiprim) defeat (pun intended) is difficult for me.  This is the second time I have attempted this class.   I only admit to you, my conscience, that I have met my match.

  1. Go to website and download templates * check*
  2. Open templates in graphics program * check* 
  3. Blah Blah Blah …. hmmm   can you repeat that?
  4. Add a layer, ctrl this and ctrl that fill it, spill it. 
  5. Blinks, snapping her clueless photo, making note to hire a tutor.
  6. Thinks she hears the bosk cry out for her, her time better served milking a few.

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