It has taken me ages, having been a fan of so many blogs to finally take the plunge.  Being wintertime, and not being a member of a Polar Bear Club, Second Life seems the place to dive into. 

What will I talk about.  Well, for anyone who knows me, *Ramblings* is poignant.  Why now?  I have been a member of Second Life for quite a few years, explored extensively, shopped, created, role-played.  I see this as just another facet of social connection, creation and expression.  Which is for me what Second Life is about.

I have no idea what I am doing, but then I didn’t know what I was doing over 5 years ago when I wandered into the world of avatars.

I found a great fashion blog *Gingeriffic* (see link in side bar).  Different from others I have read and we have similar taste to boot!  And pumps!

I’m off to self indulge, find a photo to post and get this blog rolling.

Always Dream,



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