Fairy Circle

collabor88  collabor88 close up

After spending an hour, unsuccessfully searching for my Tres Blah saddle shoes from the last Collabor88 I decided to wear the demo shoes I found in my * demo* folder.  Frustrated I wandered off to my favorite fairy circle at StudioSkye.   Dandelion wisps floating through the air the setting seemed perfect to share a few of my purchases from the current Collabor88.  It took me a bit to find the skin for the particular shades LaViere offers so of course I ended up buying more than just one color line.  ::{u.f.o}:: ( ur.favorite.one) offers several crop T’s but this one was impossible to resist. Pairing it with Bermuda shorts completed the look.   I never did find my shoes, or even new ones to purchase but I left the sim less frustrated, fresh air and beautiful surroundings always helps me. 

collabor88 1

 Al Vulo – Lyala-  Mystic red brow sunkissed  Al Vulo

-LaViere- Gisele Loose Bangs/DriedChilli  Collabor88

::{u.f.o}::inverted triangle crop T – cream – kitsch  Collabor88        -tb- Denim Bermuda Shorts – Classic   collabor88  

IKON Ardent Eyes – Machine   IKON  @ The Boutique

DEMO -tb- Saddle Shoe – Blue Floral – Tres Blah ( unable to find in store at the time of posting)